Mountain Bike Mayem 2009 kicks off in North Carolina

Today I rode my first trail of my Mountain Bike Mayhem Tour 2009. The first trail I rode was actually a mix of small loops, just to get myself accumulated to the almost 100% humidity!!.. well that’s what it feels like.
The trails I did today are in the DuPont State Forest.
With what it seems like 100’s of short trails in this forest it was very easy to put a loop together. Yesterday I drove to the starting point, and was lucky to catch a very friendly local Mountain biker named Steve, who shared a lot of very useful info with me about what I could expect  on these trails, and he rated them between 2 and 4.

The loop I did today was just a “Granny Run” ( Trial Run) to get my bearings. I chose to ride the following loop.

>> Started on the Corn Mill Shoals Trail , then I veered onto the Burnt Mountain Trail, looped around back onto the Corn Mill Shoals Trail , that linked me to the Little River Trail, then I climed onto the Cedar Rock Trail, and down the Big Rock Trail.

Although this is a fairly short loop,( it took me just over an hour, but I was taking it easy and taking photo’s and notes ) this is a really nice ride, I was very pleasantly suprised, this loop has everything for every type of Mountain Biker, excellent climbs, fast single tracks, some excellent mild switchbacks, some ferrocious and scary downhills, some very nice slickrock, and some nice scenery.

Going by the Mountain Bikers I came across on the Trails ( about 6 ) It seemed I was going against the grain, as in anti clock wise up Burnt Mountain, and Down Big Rock Trail. Even though I have not done it the other way, it seems to me that the way I did it is much better… Unless you are really into a 4+ – 5 grade Downhill.

I started my ride at 10.00 am, and the trails were quite, 3 walkers with a dog and about 6 fellow Mountain Bikers.

All in all, I highly recommend this loop.

The Giant Yukon FX handled this Trail really well, without any issues, however, there are sections on this trail that a Down Hill bike with some what extended front shocks are needed. On  the grade 4+ and 5 I got off and walked.

Tomorrow I am riding a much larger loop that I have put together in the same forest.

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  1. steve owens says:

    Very nice review and pictures as well. I guess my trail ratings for this area are somewhat biased. I get to ride this area at least once a week, and I usually do ride my freeride/downhill bike. Dupont has lots of varied terrain, and it is a great area for all levels of mtn. bikers. Thanks for the nice words!

  2. How are you doing Steve?, again thanks for your useful info, I’m sure your ratings of the DuPont Trails are dead on. I’m sure the downhills I rate a 5, are probably an easy 3 for you Down Hillers ;-)
    I will also be taking your advice on the “Hub” cos the Giant needs patching up, I came for a cropper on “Sandy Trail”.. ( you didn’t warn me for that one!! haha)..

    Ride Safe..

    ( next stop Brevard )

  3. Brad Thacker says:

    Great reviews of a few of the DuPont trails. We (myself, my 17 yo son, and my college roommate) met you at the trailhead Saturday morning. After doing Cedar Rock and Big Rock we took your advice and did Burnt Mountain counter-clockwise. I am a novice but I really enjoyed the downhill.

    Thanks again for a great recommendation and thanks for snapping our picture.


  4. Top ‘o Brad..
    Glad you had a great ride, looked like you were all enjoying yourselfs screaming down Cedar Rock, and heading too, what I assume was Burnt Mountain.
    I did manage to video both Burnt Mountain and Big Rock downhill, I’m just waiting for YouTube to publish it..
    I am now in Brevard and ready to tackle the Pisgah Trail System in the coming 3 weeks.
    If you or any of your friends know of any “Must Do” Trails, please shoot me a note.
    Ride Safe


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