Betasso Preserve Trail Boulder Colorado

Betasso Preserve

This trail brought back some bad memories, last year while testing this trail, my girlfriend broke 4 ribs, and to make things worse, it was our very first ride for our 2008 Mountain Bike Madness Tour. It was our first, and her last ride of that tour.
But, breaking 4 ribs does not make it a bad trail.. Ooohh no, the Betasso Preserve Trail is an absolute Gem!!
This trail is rated easy, and it is easy, but it is also very easy to do yourself some serious damage. This is / can be an extremely fast ride, and just one miss calculation can and will cost you dearly.

Trail Stats & Information:


Nearby City: Boulder
Length: 3.4 total miles
Trail Type: Loop
Skill Level: Physically easy to moderate; technically easy
Duration: Advanced riders, 20 minutes; intermediate riders, 25 to 45 minutes
Season: April to November; closed Saturdays and Wednesdays
Trailhead Elev: 6400 feet
Top Elev: 6600 feet

Guide Book Description:

Betasso Preserve delivers a short, but sweet ride and offers much to riders of any ability. The wide and smooth singletrack of the Canyon Loop Trail is ideal for beginners wanting to test their singletrack mettle. The loop also invites riders with more experience to run laps past open meadows awash with wildflowers and through cooler ponderosa pine forests. Being so close to Boulder, Betasso Preserve offers an immediate getaway from the hectic pace of Boulder during rush hour. The preserve has been the subject of much public scrutiny and environmental impact studies in the last few years, reminding us to respect our parks, open spaces, and forests. Terrain: Singletrack and doubletrack that roll over open meadows and hard-packed forest terrain.

My Experience :

This trail, although very short, is absolutely fantastic. The first section of this trail can be extremely fast,and although common sense tells you to slow down, you just go faster, and this trail leaves NO room for error, plus you always have to be prepared not to collide with hikers. I did this trail on a week day, and it was pretty empty, however, I would not want to do this trail on a Sunday, or after 5 o clock pm.
Highly recommended for a few fun loops, I manage a loop in about 25 minutes, and usually do 3 loops. This trail is shut to bikers on Wednesday and Saturday (foot traffic only) and it uses a “One Way” system
If you are in Boulder, then this is a hell of a sweet loop you don’t want to miss.

Other Info

Traffic on Trail : One biker, One hiker and Two Joggers ( however, it was early on a week day)
Wild Life : None
Scenery : Open Trail with great scenery
Other : Be VERY careful not to colide with hikers, the trail is very narrow, and some places have very limited vision of the trail

My Trail Rating :  7.5 / 10

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