Big Rock, Cedar Rock, Little River and Burnt Mountain Mayhem

Yesterday, I picked up my bike, that has had a new crank set, chain and cogs fitted, a big thanks to the Guys at bike shop  The Hub, they did an excellent job.

I had planned to do the “Black Mountain” Trail in the Pisgah State Forest. I set the alarm for 6 o clock to get an early start, on the way to the Trail, just as I entered Brevard it started pissing down. I hate turning my back on a trail, especially when I’m actually at the trail head, so I waited another 20 minutes, and decided that even if it was to stop raining, Black Mountain would not be a fun ride, so I quickly came up with a plan B. …. Dupont Forest

I arrived nice and early at a dry Corn Mill Shoals Car Park, there was just one car there, with a bike rack!!.. Luvly Jubly!!

My ride today was going to be  fast, and it was going to be damn right  mental!!, so I opted for the 3 best trails in the DuPont Forest, and I did not do this loop once, I did it 2.5 times.. My loop..

>>Corn Shoals onto >> veered left to climb Big Rock >> at the top I took a left and hamerd down Cedar Rock like a greased whippet needing a spot to shit! >> then onto Little River Trail heading for Burnt Mountain >> Climbed anti clockwise up Burnt Mountain, and really opened up on the downhill, seeing as this is my 4th  ride on Burnt Mountain, it was very early, and there where no cars in the parking area, I really gave this fantastic downhill everything I had, there where sections that I jumped, I stayed airborne so long, I could have read a newspaper whilst in the air!! >> At the bottom of Burnt Mountain, I picked up Little River again, and headed back to Cedar Rock for a fantastic climb on slick rock, and then at the top I flew down Big Rock, although by now I was slighty on edge, and was more careful not to crash into a human, a horse or a dog, or knowing my luck, all three at once!!

Safely down the bottom of Big Rock, I headed back to the Parking, 100% content!!

This figure of eight loop mentioned here is an absolute  MUST!!, however, I have 2 mayor issues with it, the first, is that it is a bit short, I really believe that if you could somehow make this ride an extra hour longer, it would be in the same league as the notorious rides in places such as Moab and Bend.
My second big issue I have with this ride, is, and I admit a selfish one, but you seriously have to ditch hikers and horses!!.. this track can be way to busy to get the max out of it. I am a reasonable fella, so I suggest they allow hikers and horses on Tuesday morning before 8am!!.

On a serious note, this loop is extremely fast and fun, but Please be careful and never forget that we are sharing the trails with others.

My Trail Rating :  8.5 / 10

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