Daniel Ridge Loop Pisgah North Carolina

Daniel Ridge Loop.

I did this loop both clock and counter, but would recommend doing it clockwise, unless you really like mean rocky and bumpy descents, if this is the case then do it counter clock.
The trail is well marked and starts from a parking, just go around the closed gate and follow the gravel road over a bridge. At this point the decission  is yours for a clock or a counter. i did both, and prefered the clock.
The first 10 min. is an easy breeze along a graveled path that will take you to what once was an old bridge. from here you will probably be in Granny Gear for the next 30 – 40 min, depending on how long and how often you take a break. Although this climb is not impossible, it is very demanding, with root carpets, baby heads and most other things we all hate trying to make this ride a misserable one, there is also a short very narrow section of single track with no room for error at all, go off here, and it’s about a 50ft almost vertical drop. When you get to the intersection with Farlow Gap, you have still got about another 0.5 miles to go, before things start getting a hell of a lot easier.
Once at the top, when you start feeling the urge to get your gears clicking to higher mode, you can start relaxing. Although after such a hell climb all one wants to do is “Bomb it” you really have to stay alert on this trail, it goes without saying, that you need to be very careful for walkers and their dogs, but you also need to be on high alert for some very sudden creek crossings, most with bridges, but definitely not approachable at high speeds.There are some really nice gradual switch backs, plenty of rhodo tunnels, and as a grand finale, the Daniel Waterfall. From the waterfall just follow the gravel back to the car

>> Stats <<

Ride : Daniel Ridge Loop.
Total time : Clockwise about 1.5 hours and counter clock about 1 hour
Traffic on Trail : 3 hikers all with dogs
Wild Life : A load of very large colorful butterflies
Scenery : A very scenic trail, with a couple of waterfalls
Other : This can be a busy loop, so extra caution is needed

My Trail Rating :  6 / 10

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