Hartman Rocks Epic

I arrived in Gunnison  last Monday, and based myself just 2 miles from Hartman Rocks, this gave me a chance to not just study the map, but to actually visit the area, and get my bearings.
Once I had walked around one or two of the trails, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to love riding the Hartman Rocks Trails.
The only thing that could potentially spoil things for me was “too many people” …


Trail Stats & Information

Nearby City: Gunnison
Length: +6000 acres of trails
Trail Type: You decide
Skill Level: Aerobically: easy – strenuous,  Technically: easiest-difficult
Duration: You decide
Trailhead Elev: 7700 feet
Top Elev: 8300 feet

Guide Book Description

The Hartman Rocks area offers high desert riding in a 6,000-acre basin. Funky granite formations, slickrock, sand, and sage add to this geological curiosity’s appeal. The Rocks, as Gunnison locals call it, is a mountain biking area replete with interconnecting trails. This route skirts the perimeter of the Hartman Rocks area and follows, in part, the Rage in the Sage course, Gunnison’s annual mountain bike race. Although the trails throughout Hartman Rocks can get confusing, this shouldn’t deter you from riding the “Rocks,” as efforts are continually being made to distinguish the right from the wrong way. Take notice of smaller rocks or sticks imbedded in the ground across a trail, signifying a wrong way. Observe branches lying parallel to a trail, seemingly pointing the right way. In general, look for “natural” reference points, which might otherwise seem out of place: a stacked pile of rocks (cairns), orange tape, painted arrows, or even arrows drawn in the sand. Terrain: Jeep road and singletrack. The trail rolls over hilly terrain and through sagebrush meadowland. Much of the terrain is hard-packed, but there are a number of rocky and sandy sections. Some sections go through riparian areas. The area offers seemingly endless miles of singletrack and dirt road that break off in every direction.

My Experience

Seeing as Hartman Rocks was just 2 miles from where I was based, I took my time getting ready.
It was a fantastic day to ride, clear blue sky on a crisp Friday morning.
I started riding at 10am, and there were  just 2 cars in the lot, that was an excellent sign. I sent all in all just over 7 hours riding all the trails I came across.

START >> Jacks Trail >> Tailpipe >> The Ridge >> Top of the World >> Alonso’s >>Behind the Rocks >> The Luge >> Buddy Bear >> Dirty Sock >> Dave Moe’s >> Enchanted Forest >> Skull Pass >>Aberdeen Loop >> Outback >> Back in >> then followed the dirt road back to >>Josie’s >> back to START

In the whole 7  hours that I was on the trails, I did not come across anyone, until the last hour, and then I came across 2 people on a moto trail bike, and 1 group of 3 bikers.

I enjoyed every minute of all the trails I did, and would definitely recommend Hartman Rocks.


Where do I start? I spent more than 7 hours on these fantastic trails, and it seemed like 2 hours. the combination of great weather, excellent trails, no people  and stunning views, made my day a perfect one.
If like me, you love to bike in open rugged spaces with stunning views and fantastic  singletracks, then Hartman Rocks is definitely gonna put a smile on your chops… For me it was a perfect day, and I give Hartman Rocks a perfect 10/10

Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : 2 people on a motorbike and 1 group of 3 bikers
Wild Life : a snake
Scenery : Fantastic Scenery
Other : My experience might have been different  if I did this on a weekend or after 4 o’ clock..

My Trail Rating : 10 / 10



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