HT Slim Shady Llama and Little HorseTrail Sedona 2011

Llama Trail

HT onto Slim Shady onto Llama and down Little Horse Trail - A fantastic Sedona loop


I actually started out to combine the Highline Trail with Llama, but while on the trail decided to pick up on the Slim Shady.

I’m glad I ended up doing this loop, ‘cos it is definitely a Sedona Classic, offering some of the sweetest singletrack Sedona has to offer. This trail can be quite busy, but most people start at Oak Creek, and lollipop it with Templeton.

Get a nice early start, and the trail will be all yours, and the experience will be amazing.


Trail Stats & Information


Slim llama


 Nearby Town : Sedona
Length: 10.43 miles
Trail Type: Lollipop
Skill Level: [what the books say] no info
Skill Level: [My Opinion] Technically moderate with some very tech. sections on Slim. Physically  moderate – very demanding 
: My time was 02:43:05 
Elev Gain
: 1,143 feet
Top Elev : 4,553 feet
Min. Elev : 4,137 feet


>> HT Trail : Short trail, sweet singletarck, used as a connector  trail

>> Slim Shady : Sweet rugged singletrack, most people start this trail at Oak Creek and connect it to Templeton. Slim Shady is pretty technical, and demanding especially riding it from HT to Oak Creek. The problem starting from the HT is, it is not marked, and very easy to miss. For anyone reading this, turn LEFT when you reach Templeton, and within probably 10 ft. take the hidden singletrack on the RIGHT. 

>> Llama : The skill level goes up a notch on this trail, the Llama throws a bit of everything at you, singletrack, slickrock, wash-outs, chicken heads, baby heads and a bag full of stunning scenery. There is at least one section on this trail, that anyone with the right amount of brain cells will dismount from their steed and walk… The Llama Trail is a must !!

>> Little Horse : From Llama to the Little Horse TH, is a manic technical downhill, it’s fast and bumpy, but don’t open up fully, ‘cos it is also a very busy trail for hikers.





As usual I got an early start, as mentioned above, I had planned on going over the Highline and hitting Llama from Templeton Trail. However when I reached Templeton from HT I decided to continue up the Slim Shady. It’s a fantastic trail, but going up is pretty technical and physically very demanding. Enjoy the peace and quiet on this trail, ‘cos once you hit Oak Creek and follow the Bell Rock to the Llama you will be over run by hikers. Finding the Llama can actually be a bit confusing, ‘cos it is not marked, so make sure you know which trail will take you to the Llama. The Llama is a fantastic trail, pretty technical on certain stretches, pretty fast on other stretches.. all in all a fantastic trail. From Llama to the Little Horse Trailhead is a short but fun and technical stretch.


Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : Bell Rock and Little Horse can be very busy with hikers

Wild Life : Definitely don’t need it on this scenic trail

Scenery : Fantastic.

Getting There : Little Horse Trailhead: Head out of Sedona on the 179 towards Oak Creek Village, just after the roundabout at “Back ‘o Beyond Road” take the first left onto the trailhead.

Other : Trails are well marked, but do not attempt this ride without a map. Keep your eyes open for hikers and dogs not on their leash


My Trail Rating : 9 / 10




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