Kokopellis Trails Epic

I really loved the first ride I did in the Kokopelli’s Loops Area, I decided to ride an Epic, hitting all the trails in one very long but fantastic ride .. all in all just over 6 hours of excellent sweet mountain biking.


Trail Stats & Information

Nearby City: Fruita
Length: about 41 miles
Trail Type: Loops
Skill Level: Aerobically: easy – strenuous,  Technically: easiest-difficult
Duration: 6+  hours
Trailhead Elev: 4500 feet
Top Elev: 5300 feet

Book Description (s)

[ Horsethief Bench ]
This ride offers spectacular views of the Colorado River along with an excellent singletrack section that is one of the best in the area for those seeking a moderate ride. The singletrack section along Horsethief Bench is just pure fun. Throw in the great views out to the beautiful Colorado River and you have a wonderful mountain biking experience.

[ Lions Loop ]
Another great ride with excellent singletrack, some great uphills, and spectacular overlooks to the Colorado River. This is one of the must-do rides in the area. You can do this ride and easily hook up with other trails in the area for a longer and more difficult ride.

[ Mary’s Loop ]
Spectacular views of the Colorado River and an excellent singletrack section make this one of the best moderate rides in the area. This is a great introductory ride that should not be missed.

[ Troy Built Loop ]
The Troy Built Loop, named in honor of its builder, is the newest addition to the famed Kokopelli Trail, which links Grand Junction, Colorado, to Moab, Utah, via a mountain bike trail. This loop delivers some tough climbing on narrow and rocky singletrack. Views of the Grand Valley are spectacular. Some of the riding involves speedy descents along the edge of Rabbit Valley – one hell-of-a-long-way down. Once at the top of Mack Ridge, however, it’s a speedy wide doubletrack back to your vehicle. The views atop Mack Ridge offer distant sights of Utah, the Grand Mesa, and the entire Grand Valley. Terrain: Singletrack, doubletrack, jeep road, and some slick rock. The trail travels over arid and rocky terrain, skirting, at times, to precipitous canyon edges.

My Experience

I started the ride on a clear sunny Monday morning at 11 0′ clock.

My ride was as followed:

Trailhead >> Mary’s Loop onto >>Rustlers Loop >> back onto Mary’s Loop >> Wranglers Loop >>back onto Mary’s Loop >>  Horsethief Bench Loop >> back onto Mary’s Loop >> Steve’s Loop >> back onto Mary’s Loop >> Lion Loop >> Troy Built Loop >> back onto Lions Loop >> Mack Ridge Trail >> Moore fun Trails >> Trailhead


The first time around I gave this beauty a 10/10 with a Gold Star, and this time around with all the extra trails added I yet again give this Epic a 10 / 10 with another Gold Star..
The Kokopelli’s Trails are just a Mountain Bikers dream, I don’t care what your name is, how much your bike costs, and how tight or baggy your clothes are.. You WILL love this ride.. any mountain biker who can step forward and say he / she does not like these trails, obviously needs to start looking for a new hobby.

The trails are ALL fantastic, technical but far from impossible, stunning views, uphill climbs, fast downhill bombs, smooth singletracks, bumpy singletracks, and lots more.

  • Mary’s Trail :[ 6 miles ]  Sweet easy scenic double and singletrack with stunning views.
  • Rustlers Loop : [3.6 miles ] Fantastic easy swift running singletrack through stunning scenery.
  • Wranglers :  [2.1 miles ] Easy trail, a nice ride.
  • Horsethief Bench Loop : [3.7 miles ] Fantastic loop, with a short portage up to / from the trail. Excellent singletrack through stunning scenery
  • Steve’s Loop : [ 3.6 miles ] Another beauty, excellent smooth level singletrack with fantastic views of the Colorado River
  • Lions Loop : [ 4.8 miles ] bumpy but excellent singletrack with stunning views of the trails below.
  • Troy Built Loop : [ 3.8 miles ] Steep rocky but doable downhill followed by sweet level singletrack  and a nice moderate singletrack climb
  • Mack Ridge : [ 3.1 miles ] After a brutal gravel road climb ( lions loop) , you are rewarded with one hell of a great but technical singletrack with stunning views and scenery of the area and as far as Utah. Be careful on the steep and rocky downhill.
  • Moore Fun Trail : [ 4.5 miles ] What a FUNTASTIC   Finish to the Epic, a brutal climb to the edge, but you get rewarded like a king. Fairly technical ride, but a MUST. Finishing your day on this trail from West >> East is the best you’ll ever get!!

The Kokopelli’s Loops definitely puts Fruita on the USA’s list of Mountain Biking Mecca’s.

Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : Fairly busy , But once beyond Steve’s Loop, I had the trails to myself.
Wild Life : who needs wildlife on a ride like this!?
Scenery : Absolutely Fantastic 360 degree 3D Scenery
Other : EVERY trail in the “kokopelli’s” is worth riding, Mack and Moore is pretty technical do not take lightly. Make sure you have PLENTY of fluids with you.

My Trail Rating : 10 / 10 with another  Gold Star



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