Plantation Trail Canaan Valley West Virginia

Plantation Trail
When I approached the West Virginia Mountain Biking Forums to find out what the “Best” trails were,the Plantation Trail was way on the top of the list.
After having so much trouble finding up to date trail info, I was lucky that this trail is pretty easy and straight forward to ride.
So, it was time to hit the Plantation, and see for myself if it deserves a spot in the “Big League”


Trail Info:

Nearby City: Davis
Length: 19.7 total miles
Trail Type: Loop
Skill Level: Difficult
Duration: 4.5 hours for intermediate riders
Trailhead Elev: 3079 feet
Top Elev: 3600 feet

Guide Book Description:

This is the Canaan Valley region’s most famous single track. From Plantation Trail you can make any number of loops with the trails that cross and branch off. Described here is the entire length of Plantation, a difficult, rocky, technical and beautiful ride with the return on the loop road. Highlights include technical trails with rocks and slippery roots, bogs, stream crossings, and open fern-filled woods.

My Experience:

I parked my truck in a spot just over the bridge WV32.
This trail started with a 3 mile ride on a busy road, from the bridge to the Trailhead. The start to the “Real Trail” was well marked on the side of WV32.
The singletrack quickly disappeared into the unknown.
The trail is very easy to navigate, and because it is a fairly flat ride, I soon realized I had to find the ideal gear, and just ride the trail in that gear.Because the whole singletrack section is through dense forest, there are no views or scenic “wows” BUT, you don’t miss them, ‘cos this trail gives you a great remote feeling which I thought was pretty cool. There are a few minor up’s & downs on this trail, but nothing serious, as well as a few minor creek crossings. One section of the trail was extremely boggy / muddy and there was just no way to ride through it, or around it. This singletrack section of the trail is about 8 miles, then you end up on the Canaan Loop Road. Now all that was left was about 8.5 miles of road back to the truck and starting point

Mayhem’s Verdict:

Well first, this is a just under 20 mile loop, BUT 12 miles are on road, and only the 8 miles of singletrack are actually fun. If I was to advise anyone who wants to ride this trail, I would highly recommend they did an “In & Out” this would mean 16 Miles of excellent singletrack.
The trail was very well maintained, and well marked.
This trail is not fast, or scenic, but it does offer the rider a remote XC feeling. This trail is rated “Difficult”  in the books, I’m not sure why this is, I myself would rate this trail “Moderate”

Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : No one at all
Wild Life : None, but there were numerous clear and fresh markings of bears on the trail
Scenery : Not much at all.
Other : VERY muddy section on the singletrack section

My Trail Rating :  6 / 10

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