Wallman Trail Spring Gulch Loop Missoula

Two days ago I busted my lungs climbing the Wallman Trail combining it with the Stuart Peak Trail, I knew while I went up Wallman that I had to come back soon and go down the trail, cos this loop definitely puts Missoula on the map, and should be on the wishlist of every mountain biker. The only downside of this loop is, it is a pretty short loop, but believe me the buzz factor reaches max!!

Wallman Trail Spring Gulch Loop Misoula

Trail Stats & Information

Nearby City: Missoula

Length: 8.3 total miles

Trail Type: Loop

Skill Level: Aerobically: very strenuous; Technically: moderate to difficult

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Trailhead Elev: 3,500 feet

Top Elev: 5,065 feet

Book Description

This steep, technical trail carries from the heart of the Rattlesnake Valley into some close-to-home heights through fields of wildflowers, while offering one of the more challenging short rides in the area. Recently reworked by the Forest Service and volunteers from LIMB and IMBA, the intent seems to be to offer an alternative to many of the more popular rides in the Rattlesnake. Still, only the truly talented and strongest riders will be able to climb this route in either direction without taking a break. The reward? Screaming, generally unpopulated downhilling. Tread: Singletrack.

My Experience

This was my second ride in the Rattlesnake Trail System, and I had actually climbed the Wallman Trail while doing it in combination with the Stuart Peak Trail. While busting my lungs going up, I knew I had to come back, and do this little beauty going downhill.. One thing is certain, The Wallman Trail is a hell of a lot more fun coming down than it is going up!!


Absolutely fantastic loop, Wallman Trail downhill offers the ultimate buzz, sweet singletrack at it’s best. A couple of fairly easy but tight switchbacks and enough visibility to switch off your common sense and put your steed to the deed. The fun doesn’t just stop when the trail bottoms out, you’ve still got a sweet mile of level but fast zigzagging through the Rattlesnake pine forest.

I did this trail on a week day, I spent 2 hours on the trail, and did not see anyone untill I reached the last 0.5 miles from the trailhead

Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : Trailhead was busy but I did not see anyone on the trails

Wild Life : none this time

Scenery : scenery is low, but the fun level compensates for that

Other : Free map at trailhead, Trails are VERY busy during weekends

Recommendation : If you are willing to put in an extra hour, I suggest you continue all the way UP to the end of Stuart Peak Trail, then turn around and enjoy about 10 miles of downhill mayhem… just don’t miss the Wallman trail while bombing down

My Trail Rating : 8.5 / 10




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