Best 2009 Mountain Biking Trail in the USA

The best trail in 2008 was a battle between various trails in  Moab Utah and Bend Oregon, but the clear winner was the Porcupine Trail in Moab.

In 2009, trails in Moab Utah were again in the finals, but this time they were up against Colorado. The 5 finalists of the 2009 Mountain Bike Mayhem tour of the USA were :

  • Hartman Rocks Epic Gunnison Colorado
  • Kokopellis Trails Epic Fruita Colorado
  • Hall Ranch Lyons Colorado
  • Moab Rim via Hidden Valley Moab Utah
  • Gold Bar Rim Trail down Portal Moab Utah

Picking this years winner was not easy, I did manage to get the list down to TWO trails, but I could not decide which one was better.

Every trail I tested, I did  at least twice, and usually on one of the rides one was uaually  better than the other, but with these two trails, they were perfect 10/10 both times around.
Numerous times I thought I had made my decision, but I just did not think it was fair towards the other Trail.

One thing is certain, although I am a Moab Junkie, and I luv the Moab Trails, this Year Colorado clearly beat Utah, and I have a DOUBLE WINNER for 2009

Mountain Bike Mayhem’s 2009 BEST Mountain Biking Trail in the USA goes to :

Kokopellis Trails Epic Fruita Colorado


Hall Ranch Lyons Colorado


Both trails are absolutely fantastic, and in my view offer EVERYTHING a mountain biker looks for.. they are both worthy winners!!

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