Mountain Bike Trails USA

Hopefully 2010 will be as good as 2009, and the Trails I will be testing will be as good or better than the trails I tested in 2009.

I will continue posting all my trail experiences on this site, but I have launched a new site for my 2010 Tour of the USA and it’s called | Mountain Bike Trails USA  |

Mountain bike Trails USA

In May of 2010, I will start riding somewhere in California, I’m looking into the “Tahoe” area. Unlike 2009, where I was on the road for 6 months, this year I will be testing the trails for a minimum of one year… Yeahhhhh, that a whole year of ripping up trails throughout the USA.

The concept of this 2010 tour, will be the same as 2009, but I will spend more time and detail writing about my experiences on the trails, but also with my bikes, and I will be testing more gear on the trails. Hopefully the video footage will also be a lot better, ‘cos this year I will be using more than just one helm cam to record the rides, and they will be HD cams.

I will be visiting local bike  shops again in search of the best shop in the USA..and this year I will also be looking into and writing about the places  mountain bikers hang out, such as certain coffeeshops, bars, restaurants etc etc..

So, all in all hopefully 2010 will be Bigger and Better than 2009.

Please help me and your area by sending me a message telling me where YOU think the best Mountain Bike Trail USA is, and also where the best shop is, for me to get parts and repairs.

Also please follow me on this tour, you can do this on the homepage, just send your email to feedburner , and every time I post, you will get notified, also follow me on Twitter

And, if you see I am in your area, and you don’t mind sharing all your Trail secrets with me, send me a note, and you can take me your favorite trail.

Ride Safe, hopefully see you on the trails


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