Mountain Madness Tour USA 2008

Somewhere Hood River Oregon on the Mountain Madness Tour 2008

Last year, 2008 my girlfriend and myself  toured around the USA for 5 months looking for some fun and exciting rides, and preparing ourselves for the Mountain Mayhem USA tour 2009.
We started off in Boulder Colorado, well, talk about a terrible start to a tour, on our very first ride, a huge tree suddenly appeared out of nowhere, right in my girlfriends tracks, and they ended up hugging eavh other, resulting in 3 broken ribs and one cracked rib!!… that was on day 1 of about 150!!

Anyway, the show went on for myself whilst  the lady took things easy… From here we travelled quite a bit looking for some serious, but fun Mountain Biking, places such as Estes Park in the Rockies, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Helena, Ouray, Hood River, Salt Lake City, Bend Moab and a handful of places that I have momentarily forgotten.

Although we had a fantastic time hitting the above hotspots, I am really looking forward to 2009. This year I will be starting somewhere around Asheville (NC), and will be travelling through and around the USA looking for some Mountain Biking Adventures on the best trails the USA has to offer

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