The BEST USA Mountain Biking Shop 2009

On this 2009 Tour, I took my bike / visited 17 bike shops, out of those 17 only 4 passed my very basic test to qualify for a recommendation article on, that is quite shocking, because I was really expecting more than 90% to pass with flying colors.
Other than the obvious being polite and helpful, I looked for honesty and good judgement.
Every shop I went to, I asked them to check my back brakes, I said that I thought they needed replacing. However I knew that the brakes were worn but I also knew that there was still about 100 miles left on them, and did not need replacing… Only 4 shops told me the brakes did not need replacing (yet).

Now I know that, because a shop didn’t advise me against changing my brakes, that the shop is no good.. But let me make it VERY CLEAR, I have NEVER written or said anything bad against ANY shop.. that was and is not what I was looking for. What I was looking for, were the shops that I would recommend to my friends, and that I will definitely use again myself if in the area.

The Shops recommended on the 2009 Mountain Bike Mayhem Tour were:

The Hub Brevard North Carolina :
Smoky Mountain Bicycles Franklin North Carolina :
Redstone Cyclery Lyons Colorado :
Single Tracks Fruita Colorado :

All the above shops come highly recommended, and they deserve your custom.

So which shop can officially call it self the ” Best of the Best” ?

First of all, let me tell you WHY I chose this particular Shop.

The owner is very active and helpful on Mountain Bike Forums, he is an avid and active Mountain Biker, and not just locally. He spends a lot of his free time planning, maintaining and working hard on the local trail system. He is the owner of the shop and personally stands behind his products and services. His Shop is small, but has a huge reputation among a lot of hardcore mountain bikers
And most importantly, he is friendly, honest and knows everything there is to know about Mountain Biking and the history that goes with it.
I was hard pressed to find anything bad about the owner or the shop,.. BUT I did find one thing, that I will not forget in a hurry…..  HE was the one that recommended ” Sourdough “!!!!!

So, Mountain Bike Mayhem’s BEST MOUNTAIN BIKING SHOP IN THE USA 2009 goes to



Lyons Colorado

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Visit the official website :


Mountain Bike Mayhems 2009 Bike shop of the year

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