The Hub: the Mountain Bikers Choice in the Brevard area

In the second week of July 2009, I will have been testing the Giant Yukon FX  for a whole year. 2008 was the Mountain Bike Madness 2008 Tour, we did the best trails in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Washington State, Oregon and Utah. We spent many… many hours on the trails. Then we spent another 4 months in the South of France, and since last week we started our 2009 Mountain Bike Mayhem Tour of the USA, which will take us through all the mainland States testing the best trails the USA has to offer over a 5-6 month period.

So far in the first year, the $900,- Giant Yukon has performed like any $4000 bike would perform, and apart from a handful of inner tubes and  a tire or two, i have not had any issues with the bike.

However, whilst testing the trails in the DuPont State Forest, the Yukon FX started showing signs of some wear and tear, and I knew this time that some simple TLC was not going to be enough, I needed to have the bike serviced, and to top it off, I crunched my chain,  I always carry a spare chain, but decided to walk the last mile, and have the bike serviced properly and have a new chain put on.

I know from experience that you have “Bike Shops” and you have “Bike Shops” and there is only one way for a stranger in town with a funny accent  to find the best shop, and that is to ask the local Mountain Bikers on the trails where they would take their own bikes.

Now there are one or two excellent bike shops in the Brevard area, but the name that kept coming back to me, was “The Hub” , so with a bit of help from my very good friend Google, I soon knew all I needed to know about the “North Carolina’s Mountain Bikers Choice” of bike shops… The Hub

What I liked about what I read online was the fact that everyone working at the store were young, and really into mountain biking themselves, and the fact that the shop seemed to be well stocked. This was obviously not Uncle Herbert trying to get rid of a few bikes to the fella with a funny hat  and a twitch!! ( believe me there are plenty of them around … Uncle Herberts I mean)

So from my campsite somewhere in the North Carolina boonies, I loaded my bike into my pickup, programmed my very loyal GPS to the address on their website, and off we went. After 20 min. my GPS told me I had reached my destination on the right!!… Yes, I was parked in front of the emergency ward of the hospital!!… What the @$%#!!.. I double checked my GPS, and it was the exact same address as on their website. So I called the The Hub, and had to be guided to the end destination, just 3 miles ahead.


First Impression from outside : Thankfully there is lots of parking in front of the shop, there were a few other people with Mountain Bikes in their trucks which is a good sign, and there were some nifty looking bikes parked outside the shop,.. all in all a great first impression.

First Impression from the Inside : A small open plan shop / workshop, seemed to be very well stocked but not too crowded. Very friendly people in the shop, and some very nice looking bikes. A Good Impression

Impression of the person that helped me : I was helped by Jon, a very friendly and young fella, who took the time to listen to my rantings and explained the procedure of servicing my bike. Jon knew what he was talking about, so that was good enough for me.

Any sales pressure? None at all, I even suggested spending more on a better chain, but was told that unless I am trying to shed weight, the cheaper one is just as good. I also asked about a few maps, and he went through them with me, and even suggested that I could get a FREE ( but crap) one at the Ranger Station. I also bought a new helmet, a $27 one, no pressure at all to spend more on a better one.. Absolutely no sales pressure at all.

Happy with the service?: So far Yes, after looking over my bike, and renewing my chain, and tightening the brakes, there were still issues with shifting gears smoothly, after a closer inspection it was pointed out to me that my chain rings were worn, and it would probably be easier and no more expensive to order a new Crankset ( $50) and that numerous teeth on my cogs were damaged, they will be replaced ($17)

Conclusion: After more than 80 miles of taking a beating on some of the Pisgah’s most notorious trails, the Yukon is still going strong, the issues I had before, have all been fixed, and the new crankset, cogs and chain have all lived up to expectation.

I can, and will highly recommend the Hub to everyone and anyone needing a bike shop in the Brevard area.



About the Hub:

The Hub at Backcountry Outdoors evolved from years of bike sales and repairs, done by Harvey Rosenblatt. Sam and Jordan Salman, long time Backcountry Outdoors’ patrons/ local cyclists collaborated with Harvey to bring the bicycle operation to new heights. With some blood, sweat and elbow grease, The Hub at Backcountry Outdoors became more than just a dream.

The Hub offers great bicycles lines, great service (Certified Technicians), and the latest in Demos and Rentals. The helpful and energetic staff is ready for anything. With new bicycle lines like: KONA, FOES RACING, TRANSITION, IBIS, VERSUS, AND HARVEY CYCLES,

Meet the Hub:

the hub

The Hub

49 Pisgah Highway STE# 2 Pisgah Forest, NC 28768



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