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The most important thing when running a small personal business, is having a good reputation, it is this that will keep a small business healthy. Anyone can sell products, even good products but that alone does nothing for a reputation, a reputation is based on how happy and satisfied your customers are with your services, the happier and more satisfied the customers are, the better the reputation. In real life it takes years to gain an excellent reputation, and a lot of hard word to keep it.
When it comes to having an excellent reputation, Redstone Cycles is right at the top. That in itself is an achievement, but having an excellent reputation as a bike shop in Colorado is even a bigger achievement. Mountain Biking in Colorado is huge, with some of the best trails not just in the USA, but in the world. Having a reputation as “the best” bike shop around ( and by around, I am not talking 5 miles, I’m talking 100’s of miles) then you must be damned good!!

Dave and his wife have worked very hard in getting not just the shop to where it is now, but also the local trail system to what it is now, and it is thanks to people like Dave that spend hours and hours of free time working on the trails, so we can all enjoy them.

I met Dave the owner of Redstone Cycles in his shop, and even though he was very busy, he took the time to help and advise me about, not just the Boulder Region Trails, but also about other Trail systems in Colorado.
Dave’s knowledge of Mountain Biking in this area goes far beyond just knowing what trails to ride, he can tell you the history of the trails, the Geology of the trails and lots more interesting facts about Trail systems throughout the country.

It’s true, that Colorado mountain bikers or cyclists have a huge choice of shops to choose from, but just ask any local mountain biker where you should take your bike, and chances are you will end up at Redstone Cycles,’cos at the end of the day, there can only be one “Best”


Redstone’s Story:

I guess it all started when my wife and I moved to Lyons when I was working for Schwinn in 2000. Lyons is an amazing town on the front range of Colorado. It’s small but has a huge quality of life, especially for a cyclist. We are surrounded by great riding, both mountain and road. I was racing semi pro mountain bike at the time. Living in town and spending a lot of time pedaling the area and it wasn’t long before I had completely fallen in love with Lyons. Lyons was a great place to live and to ride. About that time, Schwinn went bankrupt a second time and I landed another job a bit further away at Pearl Izumi. It was great being in the bike industry, and PI has been an amazing company to work for but when my oldest daughter was born in 2003 I took a long hard look at life and re-evaulated my priorities. I was spending too much time in the car and away from my family.

I started Redstone Cyclery in late 2003 as a home business. Outside of my family, there is nothing in the world that means more to me than cycling. Redstone started as a way to follow my passions, my dreams, and support myself at the same time. I was tuning up local bikes and strictly doing labor jobs. Word of mouth spread and it quickly became more than a side business to make money. I opened the shop (the world’s smallest bike shop) on the corner of 4th and Broadway in downtown Lyons in November of 2004. Having a family and a mortgage, though, meant that I still was working at PI a full time schedule. The shop opened officially on weekends and by appointment. Over the course of the next few years, business flourished and the shop grew quickly. Some days were hard, working all day at PI, then working until 2am at the shop, but the reward of a job well done is intoxicating.

With the support of both my family and Pearl Izumi, I took the PI job from full time to part time early in the summer of 2004. The bike shop has continued to flourish and is doing better than ever. “Local” customers stop in from Laramie, WY all the way to Colorado Springs. We’ve been working diligently over the past years to spread the love of bike culture and it’s working. We have new trails being built, attitudes changing, and more cyclists everyday. Word has spread about the worlds smallest bike shop and our customers and supporters are all over the country. Redstone is now a world wide top 20 Turner dealer and a top 30 Intense dealer. It’s come a long way.


wrenchinService is at the root of what Redstone does best. Whether you want to fix up your townie or build a custom mountain bike from the ground up, it all starts with service.

They opened their doors just a few years ago but, already, they have earned a reputation for outstanding service – both customer service and bicycle service. It is a reputation that they have worked very hard to build, and one they are very proud of. Years of personal experience of racing, riding, wrenching and working in the bicycle business has put Redstone at the top. Their customers are consistently pleased with their bicycles after they have had the Redstone touch.

Redstone’s service does not discriminate, whether it’s a custom Turner mountain bike, tricked out Dean ti/carbon road bike, or beat up townie, they always give 100% so your machine can be dialed in perfectly. At Redstone, they are diligent, patient, and confident.

Since bicycles involve detailed and personalized fine tuning, our service always includes follow up. A bike is not done right until it is done right for YOU. Because of our reputation, our service, and our follow through, our clients come from as far away as Fort Collins and Denver.

Next time your bicycle needs a little love, bring it in to Redstone. It will thank you for it.


Shop Info

Mon: closed
Tue: 10:00-5:30
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Sat: 10:00-5
Sun: 11-3

Tel: 303.823.5810

New Location!
138 Main St #5

For more info and updated news about Redstone Cyclery visit :


I would personally like to thank Dave for the time he spent giving me very helpful advice both at the shop, and on the Mtbr online forum. His and all the other forum posters made my homework a hell of a lot easier… A BIG thanks to you all!!


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