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Walk into Single Tracks in the heart of Fruita, and you will immediately notice how well stocked the shop is, not just with some really niffty looking bikes, but a huge selection of everything you will need and more. Single Tracks is the kind of shop, that once you are in there, you just don’t want to leave.

Usually I ask for peoples recommendations about bike shops on various Mtb forums, but I had not got around to doing this for Fruita. In this case, I approached actuall riders on the Trails, and it is without doubt that the local mountain bikers choice of Fruita bike shop is ” Single Tracks Bike Shop ”

As luck had it, I needed a new back tire, and was curious to see why everyone I spoke to, had such good things to say about this shop.

Once in the shop, I was approached by Chris, the owner, and what a great guy he is. Straight away you feel his enthusiasm, he’s not running a shop purely to make a living, it’s clear he’s running the shop, ‘cos it’s what he loves doing.
I was only in the shop for a few minutes, but in that time Chris advised me about what to, and what not to ride in Fruita and Grand Junction.

Chris is not just the owner of a great shop, and a mountain biker himself, Chris is also the author of a fantastic and highly recommended Book called ” Grand Junction Trails and Camping Guide” that is full of useful trail info.

Click here for more info about this book

Take my word for it, if you are in the Fruita area, and you need anything for your rides, just head for ‘Single Tracks’ and I can guarantee that you too will be recommending the shop to others.

Single Tracks Bike Shop is located in the heart of downtown Fruita, Colorado.
From Exit 19 off of I-70, head north to the stop sign, take a right onto Aspen Street, which leads you to Park Square.


From Exit 19 off of I-70, head north to the stop sign, take a right onto Aspen Street, which leads you to Park Square.  We are on the south side of the park

150 South Park Square
Fruita, Colorado 81521
970.858.3917 ~ 800.878.3917

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