Smoky Mountain Bicycles Franklin NC

Smoky Mountain Bicycles Franklin NC

The first time I entered “Smoky Mountain Bicycles” I was very impressed, but this time around, I was not there for my bike, or parts, I was there for some trail info. I was advised by the “Great Smoky Mountains Visitors Center” to pay Smoky Mountains Bicycles a visit to get all my questions answered about Trails in the Franklin area.
On my travels, I have before, been sent to the local bike shop for info and maps, just to get a big zero on info. Luckily for me,this was not the case at Smoky Mountain Bicycles.
The big difference about this bike shop, is the owners, Pam & Dave, they don’t just manage and work the shop, of course they are very enthusiastic cyclists themselves, but best bit is, they work hard for others on improving the trail system in the Franklin region, and even going out with the GPS and marking their own trails, to share with others.

While Dave was working hard on a Mountain Bike, Pam was very helpful, advising me, and supplying me with (free) maps of local rides and explaining the hard work the Saba (Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association) was achieving in the area, and it is great to know that they are very active in this region.For more info about SABA, visit :

I left Smokey Mountain Bicycles knowing a lot more than I did when I arrived, and a handful of local trail maps..
I did not think I would need their services again.

Two days later I’m screaming around Tsali when on a small section of (slightly) downhill, I heard a horrible phsssssshhhh noise coming from my bike, my first thought was “Shit I’ve blew my rear sus’ shock” but luckily I had just punctured my tires, snake bite both front and rear!!
So I needed a shop to stock up on inner-tubes, one tire and a few other bits & bobs for the bike. Luckily for me, a stranger in town, I knew the exact shop and people to help me out.

Dave helped me out with all my bike needs,(3 tubes a tire and a saddle pouch, and took the time ( he was working on three bikes) to answer and explain my questions, mainly about “Tubeless tires”

All in all, I can and will recommend Smoky Mountain Bicycles in Franklin NC, the shop is very well stocked, and the owners Pam & Dave are very helpful, so anyone in the region ever needing a bicycle shop, being it for a wonderful new bike ( they have some fantastic bikes on the floor) or bicycle parts, or even just info about the local trails, then head straight to Smoky Mountain Bicycles in Franklin, they deserve your business, and you deserve the best.

For more info:

Smoky Mountain Bicycles
179 Highlands Road
Franklin, NC 28734

Phone: (828)369-2881
Fax: (828)369-2881

Buisness Hours – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00 – 6:00, Wednesday and Saturday: 9:00 – 4:00, Sunday: GONE RIDING!

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