Edit GoPro HD videos Free and Easy

Unlike the standard GoPro that recorded in .wma, the GoPro HD are encoded in mpeg4 h.264 format. Now although this format has been around for quite some time, a lot of video editors will not import the MP4 format. Like many others I was unpleasantly surprised by this, and I did not have a clue where to start, so in all cases like this, I got my help from Google. What I did know, is what I did NOT want. To spend a lot of money on a professional video editor A massive resource hog running … [Read more...]

GoPro HD Helmet HERO

HD Helmet HERO

During my 2010 tour of North America I will be using and testing the GoPro HD Helmet HERO. Last year I shot all my footage using the the standard Helmet Hero, that worked a charm, so I am really looking forward to using the HD version. I am now testing trails in the South West France where I will start using the new Cam, so by May when I return to the USA to start my new 2 year tour I will be familiar with the cam I will be posting my experience with the new HD Helmet HERO.     … [Read more...]